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Welcome to Visions Fantastic Radio featuring The Sounds of Disneyland! Visions Fantastic Radio has been a streaming broadcast of Disneyland Music, Sounds and Attractions for well over a decade. We feature exclusive content and mixes you won’t hear anywhere else. Our unique format changes throughout the year, with seasonal and holiday offerings. We hope you enjoy the broadcast – we are constantly add new content! You can request certain titles using the Request System. Please limit requests to one request for every one hour period.

You’ll see several fantastic photos on this website, these photos are by Brett ‘DaddyB’ Garrett.

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Get Visionsfantastic Radio on your phone or tablet with the Tune-In App. This app is free and is the best way to listen to VF Radio. You’ll get song Artist and Song titles. You don’t need to purchase the tune-in app, just download the free player in your favorite app store. (Be aware the free version will have commercials throughout the broadcast, VF Radio does NOT endorse these products).

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About Us

Visionsfantastic Radio started as a small Live365 Radio station over a decade ago. We’ve been fortunate enough to secure funding to keep the station going – but your help is appreciated! You can make a secure donation, via PayPal below:

Recent Updates

Updates for 2018

2018 is bringing new changes to Visions Fantastic. At the close of 2017, we decided to close our main site, Visionsfantastic.com (You’ll now be re-directed here, instead). The site was inundated with spam, and conversations weren’t really happening there. Our site guide was outdated and we have come to accept we just don’t have the …


We’ve love to hear from you. The quickest way to reach us is via our Facebook page:  Please do not ask us for copies of materials played on VF Radio.